shrinkmusic: Shrink your music for your phone, car stereo, etc.

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Mike Ledger

I love music. I have a rather large digital collection of it, hoarded over many years, and I intend to grow it indefinitely. There are a wide variety of formats, from FLAC, to Ogg Theora, to MP3, to (very poor) WMA.

Converting all the music at once, preserving the exact directory structure, is more of a challenge than it ought to be – ideally, a command should exist, like rsync, that intelligently decides what to convert and what to just copy (converting 96kbps mp3 files to a different lossy format will not do it many favours).

That’s what shrinkmusic is. It takes an input directory, an output directory, computes a plan – what to convert, what to keep, what to skip due to already existing in the output directory, and what to ignore due to a user flag – and then executes it, in parallel, using as many jobs as you’d like.



Install using Stack or Nix.

$ git pull
$ cd shrinkmusic
$ stack install
$ nix-env -f ./default.nix -i # alternative for Nix


Usage: shrinkmusic (-i|--input INPUT) (-o|--output OUTPUT)
                   (-b|--bitrate BITRATE) (-j|--jobs JOBS) [-z|--ignore IGNORE]

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  -i,--input INPUT         Input directory
  -o,--output OUTPUT       Output directory
  -b,--bitrate BITRATE     bitrate for audio
  -j,--jobs JOBS           Number of jobs to use
  -z,--ignore IGNORE       Ignore this file
  -d,--dry-run             Do nothing; just output the plan

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